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We help our members deal with all kinds of HR issues correctly, in order to prevent disputes or conflicts arising at their work places. IDEA’s lawyers, negotiators, work environment specialists and wage formation consultants are dedicated to supporting non-profit organisations.

IDEA was founded in 1995. Today we have 1,400 member organisations, big and small. They represent a cross-section of civil society and include academies, immigration associations, scout organisations and philanthropic organisations.

IDEA provides a wide range of qualified services. We are always close at hand. Our consultancy service can advice you on how to interpret laws and collective agreements. We assist in HR-related negotiations and provide legal support should a dispute go to court. We also arrange events and seminars where you can network and connect with other non-profit organisations. Join us today!

Swedish employment legislation

Swedish employment legislation has seen extensive reform in recent years. The framework has been modernised, harmonised (with EU directives) and broadened to include areas such as anti-discrimination laws, employment types, and a new working hours act. Many employers find it impossible to keep up with the changes and adopt a proactive approach to HR relations. This area is of the utmost importance and is also rather costly, especially in knowledge-intensive organisations.

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